Penta Automazioni Industriali s.r.l.

PENTA AUTOMAZIONI INDUSTRIALI was founded in 1991 to assist their customers’ demands for automation, particularly in the handling, ageing and packaging of concrete pavers and blocks. The workshop of Penta is situated in Molinella (not far from Bologna). In our building, you can find the sales and administrative departments, as well as the technical offices where the mechanical and electronic design of the plants are carried out, as well as the creation of new solutions and improvement of the current technologies.

In the large area of the workshop, the assembly, testing and the delivery of our machines are carried out; some processes are done externally by remote workshops, each one being specialized in its own sector.

The business tradition of designing “custom made” plants allows all Penta machines to be extremely flexible, depending upon the individual product processing needs of the customer. The effect of ageing, packaging design, split preferences and degree of shot blasting can all be achieved according to specific requirements.

Penta Automazioni Industriali s.r.l.
Via Aldo Moro, 32
Molinella, Bologna Italy