MCT Group Marcantonini

Marcantonini S.r.l. is a worldwide manufacturer in the field of concrete production and transport systems.
The Factory was born by the intuition of the founder Lamberto Marcantonini and It is located in Passaggio di Bettona, Umbria.

Points of strength:

  • The professionality: Marcantonini has placed his actual position thanks to over 40 years of experience in the industry coupled with continuous investments in research and development of new technologies to ensure the best quality possible of its products.It has given the company a considerable reputation for “reliability” within the International community.
  • Continuos extension and investment of his tecnical work force, making own researches inside the factory.
  • Reliability, assistance and guaranteed skill capacities: His succes is thanks to the high level of his products and also the great simplicity of use and Maintenance. For Example, the batching Plant Tower Type has the benefit to move aggregates meterials, the dosing system and the introducing into the mixer just by the advantage of gravity and because of this there is a big deduction of mechanical elements that act along the process and its high production moments with a relevant save of power voltage, or above all in the absence of maintenance.
  • The max quality and reliability of its products: Our commitment to research is shown by the continual introduction of innovative products into the market. As Expample Compumat is a management industrial software, that manages the supervision and the control of Concrete Batching Plants.
  • Technology Innovation: The Company, since 2005 has created a research and development dept. And It is continuosly looking for improvements for the professionality of the technical forces cooperationg with the University of Rome and Perugia.
  • Foreign Market: Thanks to an active marketing and sales organization which keeps abreast of various types of markets, both in Italy and abroad, MCT, after consolidating a forefront position in the domestic market, has year after year gained experience in exports and expanded its world-wide market share.
  • The continuos control of machinaries: every component for the concrete production and concrete delivery system is evalueted by serious several tests to optimize the performance and the duration.
  • The attention to Environment: the plant is being constantly improved by further investments in order to give its operators the most up-to-date machines and systems, both from a technological and from an environmentally safe stand point.
  • The total Automation: the main feature of Our batching plants is the full automation to solve any issue thanks to teh flexibility, from the project phase to the end of the production, that allows to build in “house” the mechanical units, electric and electronic controls.

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