CGM Machines and Moulds

For over 50 years we have specialized in the design, production and sale of machines and moulds for the production of reinforced and vibrated concrete products.

We offer all our experience and professionalism on the Italian and international markets with a wide range of products for every requirement.

All our machines are built to comply with applicable safety standards and are the result of careful analysis of the needs of our clients. Our technical personnel work to design and develop innovative, custom-built solutions.

All this is possible thanks to continuous interaction with our clients, with after-sales assistance spanning the entire lifecycle of every product.


Continuity: One single interlocutor over time. 50 years after its creation, our company is still run by the same people who founded it, assisted by skilled and dedicated professionals.

Quality: Our company has always been mindful of the quality of its products, and has constantly improved them to keep them in line with the latest standards and pass their quality on to our clients

Experience: 50 years of dedication and hard work with people who have the ability to turn their experience to good account and pass it on to their employees – always with the good of the client in mind.

Innovation: Our company constantly innovates its products with technical personnel capable of designing and developing solutions which meet the expectations of our clients.

Future: we know we have to keep building on our achievements with dedication, tenacity and hard work. Our faith in our future has its roots in our awareness of the past.

CGM Machines and Moulds
Viale De’ Brozzi 87/2
48022 Lugo (Ravenna) Italy
+39-0545 35294